Symptoms of stress and/or burnout

Scientists and researchers estimate that 75-90% of all visits to doctors are for stress related complaints.


Matthias Burisch, professor of psychology at the University of Hamburg has listed 130 non-specific symptoms for burnout.


The following is only a short overview of symptoms we can start showing when suffering from too much stress and/or burnout. However, knowing about the symptoms can help you to better understand what is going on with you.


Mental and behavioural: lack of concentration and focus, learning difficulties, procrastination, perfectionism, over-eating or under-eating, negative thoughts, drug abuse (including alcohol and smoking), stop listening to others, stop asking questions, assuming, taking risky decisions, making more mistakes, etc.


Physical: Sweating, breathing difficulties, tightness in the stomach or chest, cold and clammy hands, stiff neck and shoulders, headaches, migraine, acute hearing loss, back pain, gastro-intestinal problems, decreased immunity, insomnia and fatigue, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, stroke, etc.


Psychological: forgetfulness, feeling helpless, hopeless and out of control, uneasiness, lack of sense of humour, being cynical, being impatient, listless, tearful, resentful, having low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, sadness, anger, increased testiness and aggressiveness, depression, anxiety, etc.


If you show one or more of these signs and you are not sure it is stress or burnout related, or if you have already taken steps to control and relieve stress but the symptoms persist, please arrange an appointment and consult your GP.


Stress is too much of everything, a little bit like drowning; and you usually are consciously aware of being under stress.


Burnout is not enough anymore, like being dried out, a complete lack of energy. Very often we do not even realise that we are completely burned out already.



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