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Picture: krapprote-fotodesign.de
Picture: krapprote-fotodesign.de

What people can do is amazing. In every individual, I see a special potential they are born with. Unfortunately, we carry a lot of it unused with us. My passion and mission is to support and accompany to tap into their full potential, and live a fulfilled, meaningful life. To be their best and true self. Thus resulting in happiness, health and success. 



A well-rounded affair – or maybe not?

At the age of 29, my private and business life seemed perfect from the outside. Inside, it was an entirely different story. I felt the urge to do everything at once and to perfection. I felt torn because I wanted to please everyone; I allowed others to have far too much influence over me, and I constantly compared myself to others. I was looking for answers on the outside and did not find them. At the age of 31, I had a burnout.

I started to learn and deepen my knowledge of different teachings, methods, and techniques to handle stress and fear, to find calm and clarity, to raise my resilience and energy levels. I allowed me to be my true self with all my edges and quirks. Finally, I was able to develop from the inside out and to uncover my full potential.

Fascination and Insight

For a long time already, I have been fascinated how our communication, external and internal, determines our actions in all areas of life. The most powerful words in our language are “I am”. When your feelings followed by those two words are equally powerful, have you found yourself and are in balance.

My Philosophy

Happiness and fulfilment in life is found within oneself. As soon as you realise this, you allow yourself the freedom and the power to take your destiny in your hands and navigate it in your desired direction – to live your life.

My clients benefit

Through an extensive and continued education, I have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of ancient(TCM/EFT*, Tai Chi, QiGong, Prana) and modern (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Systemic-IntegralCoaching, Mediation, etc.) teachings.

My expertise is combined with more than 30 years of extensive professional experience within the service industry in Germany and England. ThereofI have been attending and supporting personalities the last 15 years in their change and development processes with Integral-Systemic Coaching, Consulting, Trainings and Workshops as well as Keynote Speaking for the following topics:

  • Developing Potential & Personal Development
  •  Stress Management & Resilience
  • Self-worth, Confidence, Self-awareness & Self-acceptance
  •  Leadership- and executive coaching (incl. Servant Leadership)
  • Soft Skills
  • Psychological Security in organisations
  • Human Resource Development & Organisational Development

Mediation of conflict situations has also been a constant theme in my occupation – we are all human after all ;-). 

Charity work for a crisis helpline.

Attending monthly supervisions.

My Approach

Integral-systemic thinking allows for a holistic approach. Therefore, I can perceive and see them from multidimensional perspectives. Solution and resource-oriented, intuitive, empathetic, with a healthy curiosityand humour. I always work in co-operation with people at eye-levelThe client is the expert for their topics and solutions; I am the expert for the process.

Education & Qualification

University degree in Communication Science (Diplom-Kommunikationswirtin) at University of Fine Arts in Berlin.

The systemic theory has its roots in communication science. While studying I already intensively engaged in systemic consulting.

Systemic Coach – ICI (International Association of Coaching Institutes) and trained according to the guidelines of ECA (European Coaching Association).
Trained by Insa Sparrer, Matthias Varga von Kibéd, Bernd Isert, Sabine Klenke and Stephen Gilligan.

Essence of Business Coaching – Seminar by Metaforum international Ltd.
Trained by Tom Andreas and Sabine Klenke.

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguisitic Programming (NLP) – Society of NLP
Trained by Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Michael Neill and John La Valle.

Mediator – according to the standards of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mediation, DGM (the German association of Mediation) as well as Bundesverband für Mediation in Wirtschaft und Arbeitswelt - BMWA (Federation of economy).

Train The Trainer (IHK = German Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

Knowledge Broker
Trained by Tony Robbins und Dean Graziosi

Tapping based on EFT* (Emotional Freedom Technique) by Gary Craig
Trained according to the standards of the "Verband für Klopfakupressur e.V." (=German tapping association, formerly known as EFT D.A.CH. e.V.).

Hypnotic Practitioner – Society of NLP
Trained by Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and John La Valle.

Human Resources Development (IHK = German Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

Training for Crisis Helpline

Hotel Management Training


*my tapping does not represent the Goldstandard EFT or Optimal EFT by Gary Craig. I have been trained according to the standard of the "Verband für Klopfakupressur e.V." (=German tapping association, formerly known as EFT D.A.C.H. e.V.).



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