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What does a Coach do?

A coach accompanies you in phases of change and assists you in critical or difficult situations in your life. A coach helps you to see the challenges and sticking points in your life clearly and to overcome them. A coach pushes you to become your best self. This will be done by helping you to find your own solutions. A coach helps you to help yourself which is far more sustainable than any consulting.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional and personalised approach to your change and development process in your private and business life.


Coaching considers where you are in your life now and helps you to find out where you want to be in the future. It supports you in setting your goals and to open up your necessary resources to reach your goals effectively while being focused and having fun; living a happy and fulfilled life.


Coaching supports you to make important decisions, to find solutions and develop strategies.


With the help of Coaching you can go about life in an optimistic, future oriented, healthy and balanced way, and therefore prevent a Burnout-Syndrome.


Coaching helps you to learn more about yourself and your abilities; release your own ingenuity and creativity, loosen blockages and maintain the flow. Bring clarity and focus into your life, increase your performance and be confident.


Coaching supports you in all areas of life to set and reach your goals, to change, to activate your resources, to grow and to maximize your full potential:

• Business (career, job, leadership)
• Private Life (relationships, family, education, retirement, etc.)
• Work-Life Balance (health, well-being and stress relief, prevent burnout syndrome, etc.)
• Physical (fitness, nutrition, health, etc.)
• Mental (self-esteem, phobias, limiting beliefs, addictive behaviour, etc.)
• Spiritual (inner balance, relaxation, etc.)


Very often the boundaries are blurred and the areas are interconnected and not separable.


Could you give me some examples of Coaching topics?

The following topics are a few examples to give you an idea of how Coaching can help you. However, they are only a few examplesa and cannot cover the complete spectrum of Coaching.


Coaching can help you to ...

• (re-)create a balance in your life.

• strengthen your self-image and your self-esteem.

• acquire clarity and remain focussed.

• resolve conflicts and master crises and to see those as a chance.
• learn how to give professional feedback, constructive criticism and praise.
• continue in a stuck situation and find solutions.
• achieve a change of perspective - the ability to see things differently.
• strengthen your self-image and your self-esteem.
• change your attitude and/or your mental state.
• change perception and/or behaviour.
• enhance your performance.
• release blockages and keep your life in a constant state of flux.
• increase your options for action and strengthen your capacity to deal.
• replace limiting beliefs with those that will empower you.
• deal with questions of your everyday life, e.g. housekeeping, tidiness, upbringing, budget.
• define your values and combine those wisely with your activities/career.
• relieve stress and manage time.
• establish a healthy work-life balance.
• prevent a Burnout Syndrom.
• clarify your physical issues, e.g. fitness, nutrition, healthiness.
• handle a health or mental issue in a better way.
• to create a happier relationship with your partner.
• to improve interpersonal relationships.
• harmonize spiritual with worldly goals.
• eliminate fears/phobias.
• find and develop your own solutions.
• generate new ideas.
• achieve your goals and fulfil your wishes and dreams.


What does a coaching process look like?

1. We will meet to get to know each other. This is like an informal initial consultation – no strings attached. After that we will decide whether we want to work together. Once we have agreed on doing so, we’ll make a pact.


2. Together we will define your challenge and/or sticking point.


3. This stage is about your vision and your goals.


4. I assist you in developing a plan/strategy.


5. I accompany you on your journey.


6. We will celebrate your success.


Where does the Coaching take place?

We can meet in person; do the Coaching session over the telephone or via the internet (skype, e-mail, etc.).


In the case of Coaching via telephone or internet it is important that you can speak freely and are uninterrupted.


For face to face meetings we could meet at a quiet cafe, a hotel lounge or a rented meeting room; and the Coaching can certainly take place at your office, e.g. a meeting room, or somewhere outside, e.g. the park.


I strongly recommend getting out of your familiar surroundings enabling you to completely concentrate on the Coaching freely and be at ease. This way you will not be under pressure of your working environment, colleagues or family and you will not be distracted by habitual anchors and triggers.


What can and will Coaching not supply?

Coaching can and will not replace a physician, psychologist/psychotherapist or spiritual adviser, just as little a law, finance or business consultant.


Coaching can and will not enforce motivation on the client.


How do I find the right Coach?

Your Coach should be able to prove a professional education according to the guidelines of an acknowledged Coaching Association such as ECA (European Coaching Association) or ICI (International Coaching Institute).


Integrity and a wide variety of techniques are important prerequisites for a professional Coach, as well as an unprejudiced approach, an open minded and positive attitude towards people and a good sense of humour.


However, what is most important is the right chemistry between you and your coach - listen to your gut feeling.


Who can be coached and what are the prerequisites?

In principle everyone is able to be coached if they wish to be accompanied professionally. My clients are private and business individuals of all ages.


Do you want to change something in your life and are willing to do so? Great, you have taken the first step already. Further, if you have the heart to deal with yourself and your own topics your Coaching will come up roses.


Does Coaching take place individually or in groups?

Which type of Coaching is the best suitable for you is situational. It might be related to a privat or business individual, a business team or a relationship; this will be discussed upfront and we will work out the best solution for your circumstances.


Individual Coaching

One ore more one-to-one sessions between the Coach and the client.


Group or Team Coaching

Sessions with a part of the group, the whole group and/or one-to-one sessions with single members of the team/group.


Coaching with Couples
Sessions with the couple as well as face-to-face meetings with the individual partners.


How long does Coaching take?

Based on my experience one single Coaching session takes approximately between 60 and 120 minutes; however, there is no universal rule. How many Coaching sessions are necessary varies individually depending on the topic and the situation.


Up front we are going to discuss your personal rhythm, and we will be able to change and adjust this arrangement flexibly while working together.


How do I book an appointment?

Call or e-mail or use the contact form to arrange an informal initial consultation. This will help you find out if you feel comfortable and safe with me and if I am the right Coach for you.


If we both agree to engage in a Coaching relationship after this initial meeting, then we will discuss place, duration, time and rhythm of the Coaching sessions and will arrange a first appointment.


Telephone: +49 (0)172 649 49 26

e-mail: info@sibylle-chaudhuri.com


What about confidentiality?

The coach assures the client that all information they disclose is bound by a clause of confidentiality and will not be disclosed to any third party under any circumstances except in very rare circumstances where decreed by law, e.g. a court order upon a crime being committed.


Exceptions to confidentiality of course also relate to circumstances such as intent to seriously harm someone, e.g. child abuse. Otherwise the coach is bound by a code of confidentiality that requires them to keep all the client's disclosures confidential.


My company has hired a Coach; is the content of the Coaching still confidential between Coach and Coachee?

When a company hires a Coach to help them with their personnel development, it also will bear the costs. In this case, the content of the Coaching stays of course strictly confidential between the Coach and the Coachee. A professional Coach will clarify this right from the beginning. Do not hesitate to ask your Coach about that before you start your first Coaching session with them. 


What is Training?

Training is a tool to introduce a specific topic to a group and give participants a better understanding of it. Training activates and motivates the participants to change their behaviour for the better. It gives orientation and functions like a directory.


How do you conduct your Training?

I always use a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) approach for my seminars/workshops which I have developed on my own using my own content.


My Trainings are a combination of theory to give the participants some basic information and a better understanding of the topic; as well as exercises which are easy to follow and the attendees can use them immediately to improve their lives.


The seminars/workshops are always inter-active and we will have great fun. The participants are actively involved and learn a lot about themselves and how they can improve their lives using playful approaches. They experience the topics practically and holistically. In doing so, I create impulses for sustainable changes.



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