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Sibylle Chaudhuri

24th April 2024


Image from Sven Ziegler on Pixabay
Image from Sven Ziegler on Pixabay

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”



In the past I would wait for something to happen that makes me happy. 


Today I don’t wait for my Easter weekend – my whole life – to be a happy one. I can make it a happy one. 


Why not give it a try. Use the Easter holidays to increase your energy levels by experiencing as much joy, happiness, and delight as you can. Take time for things you love doing and the people you love. Enjoy yourself and others. Move your body, enjoy the small things in life, surround yourself with people you like, laugh as much as possible. Be nice to yourself – be happy.


You don’t know how?


Sometimes it helps to do the opposite of what you would normally do.


You are tired? Go for a walk in nature. Enjoy the peace and quiet and breathe deeply.


Are you feeling lonely? Go outside and talk to someone you don’t know.


You are sad, frustrated or depressed? Put on your favourite music and dance a crazy dance through your flat and sing along.


You are stressed and/or feel overwhelmed? Sit down and take 3 deep breaths in through your nose into your belly and slowly out through your mouth. After that look around in your environment as if you would see everything for the first time.


You always feel the need to do something? Set your alarm clock to 5 minutes, sit down comfortably, your back straight. Close your eyes and observe your breath how it flows through your body 


Give it a try. You deserve to be happy. Treat yourself nicely.


Have beautiful and happy Easter holidays, have a happy and beautiful life, and be well.







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