Love in times of COVID-19

Sibylle Chaudhuri

12th February 2021


Image from Gerd Altman on Pixabay
Image from Gerd Altman on Pixabay

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

Lucille Ball


February with its Valentine’s Day is a month of love; and is love not what we all pursue in our lives? 


The affection of other human beings is essential for our mental and physical well-being. Love is a great miracle cure to heal our wounds. Love strengthens our immune system as well as our self-esteem and satisfies our need of safety.


Right now, the mystery virus, COVID-19, with one lock-down after the other, social distancing, home office, etc. makes it difficult to experience physical closeness. The chance to find a new love seems to be zero and our existing relationships are put to the test on a daily basis.


This raises the question, “How can we bring more love into our live?” Especially now with Valentine’s Day coming up, which is testing for many of us in the best of times, and right now during the lock down more than ever.


Well, first of all, we stop pursuing love and affection from others and start with ourselves. The best way to bring more love in our lives is to accept and love ourselves the way we are. Once we are able to do so, we will stop comparing ourselves with others and competing with them. This strengthens our self-esteem even further. We will be more content in general and create a healthy balance in our life.


Being able to love ourselves and being content with who we are, we will begin to see our fellow human beings in a different light as well. We can be more compassionate towards others; and start accepting, respecting and maybe even loving others the way they are. The more love we give the more love we are going to receive in exchange as well. A positive side effect is that our relationships will improve automatically and thrive effortlessly.


Right now, during the social distancing, seems to be a good time to start taking care of ourself. 


3 exercises for the beginning of the big love of your life – the love with yourself


Following I will show you three exercises. I think they are a good start for mor self-love in your life. Read them once and then start strengthening the relationship with yourself immediately.


Image from Traumland-de on Pixabay
Image from Traumland-de on Pixabay


#1 Mirror exercise


Get in front of a mirror, now ... come on, just do it ;-)


Look yourself into the eyes for at least 30 seconds, smile at yourself and say to yourself the following:


“I deserve to love myself and open myself for more self-love.”




Now, stay in front of the mirror and …



#2 … find at least 3 things you like about yourself 

... and tell your reflection in the mirror what it is, and do it with a nice smile on your face – show yourself some affection. It could be something like the following:

  • I have a warm smile.
  • I have beautiful eyes.
  • I have smooth skin.
  • I have long and/or slim fingers.
  • I have long eye lashes.
  • I have an athletic figure.
  • I have muscular legs, arms, back, etc.
  • I have an interesting nose.
  • I have a long neck.
  • I have a sexy bum.
  • I have a curvy figure.
  • I have broad shoulders.
  • I have slim hips.
  • Etc.


Image from truthseeker08 on Pixabay
Image from truthseeker08 on Pixabay

#3 What would your friends say what they like about you?


Take a journal and write down at least 3 positive things, qualities, what your friends and family would say about you.


Do this little exercise daily for the next 30 days. Be open and curious for what is going to happen. You only need about 10 minutes daily – a little time for a big investment in your happier, healthier and more successful future.


Self-Love is the foundation for a happy, healthy and successful life.


Take good care of you and be well.







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