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Newsletter - August 2011


Prescription for happiness ;-)


"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
Abraham Lincoln


Happiness is a choice we can make every moment of our lives anew. We are the authors of our lives, we write every single chapter of our lives and we can change our stories as we go along the route of life.


Before you continue reading, please, take a few minutes and define happiness for yourself. How do you measure happiness? What makes you happy?


What makes your neighbour happy does not necessarily mean happiness for yourself. There are as many different factors to measure happiness as there are human beings walking the earth. Some think having enough money makes them happy, for others it is a particular position at work or status in general.


However, we cannot expect these things to really make us happy. They might satisfy us for a certain amount of time; but then what? Will we need more sensual stimulation to be able to be happy?


Many people do have all these things others are longing for in order to be happy. They are wealthy, have important jobs, status, a villa with their own private pool, a Ferrari, etc. - aaaaaaand - very often they are just miserable because happiness and fulfilment in life is only found within oneself.


That is exactly the one thing I guess we all have in common, the wish to be happy, and most of us could easily use an increase of our happiness.


As human beings we all will always seek things that fill us with joy and happiness, which make us feel good like watching a funny movie or having a nice evening out with our loved ones, following our hobbies, etc. That's alright and we all should do more things of whatever it is that makes us feel good.


Even though science has proven that happiness is genetically influenced and there are people in the world who are "born" happy, does not mean that the rest of us has to run around being miserable.


How can we all get a bit happier from the inside out?


Following a few tips from my side:


Change perception
Happiness coming from the inside means being content and living a fulfilled life. Is your glass always half full of half empty? How do you perceive your outside world, your events and experiences? Do you tend to focus on the positive things in your life; or do you concentrate on all the negative things?


Sit down every evening and write down all the good things that happened to you that day, e.g. cuddling your cat, a nice chat with a friend or colleague, the sun shining, a stranger on the street smiling at you, etc.

1. Go some place where you can have some privacy and quiet,
2. get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing for a few moments to calm down a little.
3. Then, meditate on everything you like doing in your life, e.g. going for a walk with your dog, baking a cake, following your hobbies, having a candle light dinner with your partner, doing sports, writing, reading, etc. Do this as long as you can think of something you like doing, and
4. after that meditate on everything that goes well in your life, e.g. being a good parent/partner/ sister/brother/etc., your social networking, decorating your house, preparing good meals, helping family and friends, your job, etc. Again, do it as long as you can think of something that goes well in your life.
5. Following, concentrate on your breathing for a few moments again before you open your eyes with a bright smile on your face.

Of course you can interchange step 3 and 4, as you wish to do so.

Exercise, exercise and - did I already mention (?) - exercise... Physical exercise is a great and natural way to wash all the stress hormones out of our system and re-create a chemical balance in our body and brain again. After exercising endorphins - our body's own opiates - our happy hormones are released into our body system, helping us to relax and making us happy.


It is not all about rigorous physical workouts, you can go for a brisk walk through the park or around the block, do some gardening, give your house a proper clean-up, etc. All exercise is good to create a good and happy feeling afterwards.


Create happiness on a daily basis by moving your body as much as you possibly can.

Usually it really does not take much to make us happy, and mostly it's the small things in life that make us happy. Start writing a list of everything that makes you happy, add to it daily; and do more of the things that make you happy.


Have you already read my monthly quotation for August and my short excursion?


Please feel free to forward this e-mail to family, friends and colleagues. This is a monthly newsletter.


Alright, enough for today, enjoy your life, create a balance in your life and just be happy.

Be well,


sibylle Chaudhuri
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