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Sibylle is amazing. She is a great presenter and really an expert in her field.

I have attended her 'Sleep well - Perform well' seminar twice! Actually, after participating as an individual I was so pleased, I have also invited her to speak for a company event. I would definitely recommend attending to her sessions to everybody.

Sebnem U

Dear Sibylle, I enjoyed your workshop 'Control and Relieve Stress' very much and derived a lot of benefit from it: when I walked back to my office afterwards I realised that it was the most relaxed that I had felt for a long time! I am trying to incorporate the exercises into my daily routine. I will be recommending this course to my colleagues.

Richard Jones

I attended a seminar given by Sibylle which offered some very useful tips for improving the sleep pattern. The seminar was a balanced mixture of well explained informative theory and useful practical exercises which could easily be continued at home. Sibylle gave us some great ideas that I would never have thought of. For me, the seminar was helpful as my sleep has already improved since then.

I can recommend Sibylle as a knowledgeable speaker. Her talk was delivered in a relaxed, well structured and thoughtful way with plenty of opportunity for questions and interaction.

P Carter

Many thanks for this. You were wonderful last week. One of the best seminars I've ever been to (and I've been to loads in my time)!

D Robinson (Seminar: JUST BE confident)

Dear Sibylle, your seminar was very interesting and useful and I enjoyed it very much. I would definitely be interested in joining one of your seminars again. Thank you very much.

M Oba (Seminar: Communication - Making an Impact)

I definitely enjoyed your seminar and most likely will attend one of your seminars again as I found it very helpful.

Lucia Gil (Seminar: Sleep well - Perform well)

I can only recommend Sibylle’s seminar ‘Control and Relieve Stress’. I found it very well presented in a thoughtful and inspiring format. She gave us really interesting suggestions as well as useful information and exercises with the right amount of interaction. Sibylle is a knowledgable and thought provoking presenter.

Paul M

Dear Sibylle, I really enjoyed your seminar. I found the content of the presentation very interesting and look forward to attending other seminars of yours in the future.

M Bourous (Seminar: Sleep well - Perform well)

I have attended several of Sibylle's seminars and have always found them interesting, informative, useful and insightful both for work and life outside work. As such I would recommend Sibylle as a speaker and I hope to attend another of her seminars in the future.

J Hunter

Dear Sibylle, I cannot thank you enough for your extremely valuable, informative and interesting seminar "Time and Energy Management". I also want to thank you for your 1-2-1 advice at the end - it has helped me a lot! I really look forward to seeing you at one of your other seminars soon. Thank you again.

N Handerson


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