Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful tool for a better control of your awareness and behaviour, for your personal development and change. NLP offers you possibilities to unfold beautifully.



NLP concentrates on how we perceive and process our environment and experiences through our nervous system (Neuro), how we use our verbal as well as non-verbal communication to order this information and give it meaning (Linguistic), and how we create our reality through the interaction of ‘Neuro' and ‘Linguistic' (Programming). NLP helps you to manage all this in a way that you reach your desired results and goals, creating your reality positively and energetically.


Dr Richard Bandler who founded NLP together with Dr John Grinder in 1975 describes NLP among other things as a mind-set, an attitude and a methodology full of curiosity, spirit of research and fun. He says it is the art and science of excellence: If one person is capable of doing something everyone else can do it as well.


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