Stress and Burnout Prevention is a Chance

Ideally we prevent stress and burnout with a variety of strategies and techniques.


When we learn to control/manage and relieve stress AND to relax, we can take control back over our life, we can (re-)create a healthy balance.


We will feel well and balanced, content and happy.


In companies, prevention of stress and burnout can also lead to content and balanced employees who are healthy, motivated and highly effective. They set a positive energy cycle in motion for all the staff, creating a climate of productivity and creativity.


Ignoring and/or suppressing stress and its symptoms; and denying reality is not helping us make it go away, it only makes it worse.


Untreated, burnout can lead into a clinical depression, inability to work and even death (suicide, heart attack, stroke, etc.).


The Japanese culture may be the only one so far having a technical term for death by burnout – Karoshi. Unfortunately, nowadays it is sad reality worldwide.


In any case the rule applies „prevention is better than healing“. Thus, implying that healing of a burnout is possible.


Together we can workout the right way for you to prevent stress and burnout and to (re-)create your balance in life again.



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