Do you suffer from stress or burnout?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that approximately 40 percent of all European employees suffer from negative stress.


Do you also think you are suffering from stress or burnout? Let's find out.


Are you stressed or prone to stress?

Take a few minutes to go through the following questions and see what applies to you. How many questions can you answer with "yes"?

  • Do you have the feeling you cannot cope with your everyday chores anymore – it is simply too much – you are literally drowning in your workload?
  • Do you think you should skip breakfast or lunch or even cut back on sleep to get more done?
  • Do you find it difficult to concentrate and/or make decisions?
  • You have no idea what the work you are doing is actually good for?
  • Can you still imagine that you are somehow able to manage everything; you just need the right strategy, put in more hours, work harder?
  • Are you being made responsible for events you have no influence over?
  • Are you loosing more and more energy every day?
  • Do you feel anxious?
  • Can you feel an increased testiness and/or aggressiveness?
  • Do you have the feeling you are close to a heart attack or nervous breakdown?


In case you answered three or more questions with “yes”, you are most likely prone to stress or stress is dominating your day already; you might feel often overwhelmed and exhausted.


Your coach can be of assistance in finding the right strategies and techniques to release, control and manage stress, as well as to relax and recuperate in the right way. Ensuring that your batteries are always loaded and you never empty them completely.


In case you have the feeling or know it is more than stress, go through the next few questions as well.


Are you flirting with burnout or is there already an active liaison?

Again try to figure out what applies to you and how many of the following questions you can answer with "yes".

  • You cannot be bothered about anything?
  • Nothing concerns you anymore, not your job or clients, nor your family and families, and least of all yourself?
  • Nothing makes sense in anymore?
  • Nothing and nobody can awaken your interest anymore?
  • You are completely exhausted – physically, psychologically and/or emotionally?
  • You are completely listless and feel depressed?
  • Every day is a bad day?
  • There is absolutely nothing you can do to change the situation?
  • Getting up in the morning strenuous effort?


Burnout is the result of continous stress, frustration and overworking.


If you have the feeling you are already in the middle of a burnout or heavily flirting with it, your first step should be to consult your GP. If required, the GP will help you get the appropriate and professional help needed.


Coaching can be a powerful enhancement to your medical and/or psychological treatment, and can help you get back quicker into the driving seat of your life and take back control faster.



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