Stress and burnout – A risk claiming a heavy price

Stress and burnout are a risk of our modern life style and we pay a high price for it. Not only can they cause all sorts of physical and psychological illnesses and diseases. Very often this comes at a very high cost and loss.


As a private person stress and burnout might cause the following costs/damages:

  • Long absence of work causing loss of salary and/or financial loss in general.
  • Loss of your job.
  • Expensive treatments.
  • Early retirement.
  • Massive strain on private and family life.
  • Break-up of relationships, loss of social contacts, social isolation.
  • etc.


Stress and burnout can cause considerable damages and costs in companies and organisations:

  • Stressed out employees, bordering on burnout, are demotivated and frustrated. They do not care about colleagues or clients, cannot concentrate, take risky decisions, make more mistakes, and pull in others into a downward spiral.
  • Long absence of work due to physical and mental illnesses and diseases.
  • Distribution of work amongst colleagues resulting in increased pressure and stress for them.
  • Additional personnel expenses (hiring and training of temps and/or new personnel).
  • Loss of know-how.
  • etc.

The twelfth edition of Absence Management survey report (2011) of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) has revealed for the first time that stress is the most common cause of long-term sickness absence for both manual and non-manual employees. The report also states that the average annual cost of employee absence per employee is £ 621.20.


No need to take the risk and get there; prevention is your chance.



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