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Sibylle Chaudhuri

24rd December 2022


Pic from Gerd Altman on Pixabay
Pic from Gerd Altman on Pixabay

The rough nights with their dedicated themes can guide you step by step towards your true and best self. 


The rough nights date back to the Celts and Germanic tribes and their traditions. They saw them as a time of transition, a time of renewal and rebirth and as a time of upraise. Here you can read more about the legends, myths and rituals of the 12 rough nights.


Whether you think of it as mumbo jumbo or believe in the magical impact is up to you. However, the tasks and rituals of the rough nights e.g. self-contemplation, review and visions of your future as well as letting go of old behavioural patterns and limiting believes can support your life-balance.


The rough nights are also a perfect time for us to break new ground. Be open and

 take time for the tasks of the 12 rough nights which I am going to explain to you the day before.


Of course, this should not turn into stress. Just do what feels good and right to you.


Before we start doing so, I am going to give you some general tips and rituals …


… how we can make best use of the rough nights


Only trying to execute one of the following tips and/or rituals is better than doing nothing at all. Give it a try.


How we can make best use of the rough nights

Pictures (left to right) from Pexels, free-stock-photos, bertvthul  auf Pixabay

#1 Heart over mind during the rough nights

Less thinking, more feeling. Thus, out of your head into your heart and gut feeling. This way you can bring your intuition back into the game. Allow everything you can sense to sink in. At the beginning it might be yourself to sense and guess more. What comes to our mind first after asking yourselves a question is usually your intuition, everything after that is usually your ego. When you get more practise it will become sensing and knowing which will really feel good.


#2 become still – meditation

In case you always wanted to get into meditation but somehow never got around it, now is the perfect time to give it a try.


Become still and listen to your inner self. What emotions and feelings are coming up? What desires, wishes, unfulfilled needs, and also ideas, possibilities. The crazier the better. Write everything down after your meditation.


Especially at the beginning I met emotions I really did not want to feel, I just wanted to run. In case you will experience something similar try to endure your emotions – breath into them.


In case it does not work the way you expected it to do be patient with yourself. Start with 5 minutes and be curious what is going to happen. You could also set an alarm for 5 minutes. There is no such thing as the perfect meditation. The most important thing is to keep going and focus your attention inwards again and again and again…


You could also try a moving meditation and go for a walk through nature alone.


Also, you can find many guided meditations online.


#3 Keep an open mind, acknowledge signs and interpret them – write a diary

Allow yourself to be curious, hopeful, positive, and dreamful. Be open for something new and a new way. Notice each and every encounter with human beings or/and animals, text passages in a book, phrases in a podcast or movie that you respond to, touch you. Memories, thoughts, dreams and visions, everything has a meaning. Ask yourself what it could stand for. Remember, what comes into your mind first – the answer of your soul – is usually the correct answer, write it down. Everything else is your mind talking.


My tip is to write a journal during the rough nights in which you note everything. I had many brilliant ideas in the past – at least I thought so – and did not write them down and then … of course, I forgot them.


#4 Write a dream diary

Every morning note what you have dreamed, as well as your first thoughts about it. Dreams can be messages which can have important meaning during the rough nights because our subconscious mind is supposed to be extra perceptive at this time of the year. You can use your journal for this too.


#5 Smoke cleansing

Smoke cleansing – the energetic cleansing of your home, office, garden, but also your body and mind is a typical ritual during the rough nights. It is said to eliminate negative energies and invite positive ones.


#6 Go into nature

Going for a walk in nature is balm for your soul and refuels our batteries. It gives us peace and clarity. Nature’s energies vibrate on a very high frequency and can increase your energy as well.


#7 Burn your wishes

Write down 13 wishes, each one on a single piece of paper, and fold them in a way that you cannot read them anymore. Every rough night you are going to burn one fo them and ask the universe to fulfil your dream. One piece of paper with one of your wishes will remain which you are going to open after the last rough night. This wish you will fulfil yourself; it is your responsibility to make it come true.


Now let’s get started with round #1 of the rough nights

Every single one of the rough nights is energetically assigned to one month of year and has a theme, a task. For every rough night there are rituals to execute as well.


Round #1

Start: 24th December at 00:00 hrs

End: 25th December at 24:00 hrs

Month: January


Pic from FelixMittermeier on Pixabay
Pic from FelixMittermeier on Pixabay



Today we are going to start with round one of the rough nights which we will use to build a solid foundation for your resilience with strong and healthy roots, and a firm grounding.



Take a few minutes to answer the following questions

  • How about your roots – the roots of your family?
  • Which foundation are your roots build on?
  • How do you encounter your ancestors?
  • Do you ask them for advice and help? (including signs, inspirations, etc.)
  • Which part in your family wants to be healed?
  • Who do you want to forgive? (Including yourself. Forgiveness is for you not the others.)

January, the first month of the year gives you ones more the opportunity for a review of the year and to let go of what you don’t want/need anymore, as well as to consider what you want to take with you into the new year. Make two lists answering the following two questions:

  • What do you want to let go off and leave behind you? (old injuries and trauma, negative believes, limiting patterns, relationships, prejudice, judgment, etc.)
  • What is it you want to take with you into the new year? (resources, relationships, tried and tested, etc.)


Your rituals for the first rough night

Pic from blueartpapelaria von Pixabay
Pic from blueartpapelaria von Pixabay

Of course, everything is optional, no musts. Allow yourself to feel what is right for you and leave everything else aside.


#1 Bless and honour the roots of your family by lighting a candle for every family member. Say out loud or silently to yourself from all your heart, “I bless this light and I bless you.” while thinking of the family member you want to give your blessing.


#2 Burn your list of what you want to let go or leave behind in a fireproof form, best do it outside, and observe as everything goes up in smoke.


#3 Give mother nature a present, e.g. feeding birds.


#4 Leave a light on during the night for your ancestors. They cleared the way for you.


#5 Smoke clean your rooms with sage.


#6 Take a sea salt bath for energetic cleansing. When you shower the salt of imagine a green light taking off negative energy of you.


#7 Last but not least, take the first of your 13 wishes you wrote down and burn it. Ask the universe to take care of it.


Now: Have a Merry Christmas :-)

Pic from PublicDomainPictures von Pixabay
Pic from PublicDomainPictures von Pixabay

I wish you a Merry Christmas giving you 

tenderness for the past,

courage for the present,

a bright flame of hope for the future.

A Christmas filling you with love and compassion for yourself.

A Christmas that warms your heart and let it shine brightly,

and that every path may lead to peace.


I wish you a Merry Christmas filled with love and light, hope and courage, and loads of relaxation.


Be well.





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