Round 3: Rough nights for effortless success 2021

27th December – March

Open your heart, departure, new beginnings

Sibylle Chaudhuri

25th December 2021

The 12 rough nights are a time for reflection and manifestation. The ideal time to prepare to be on your way for new horizons, dare to make a new start. It is a time when we are especially receptive for messages from the spiritual world. Whenever you are ready to open your heart you can learn to receive and understand them. Those messages can be very helpful for our new start, our departure into the New Year.


To open your heart is the topic of the third rough night which is energetically assigned to March. March is the month when nature slowly re-awakens from deep winter sleep and the seeds you have sown, start to sprout. Open your heart for the wonders of nature, the re-start of everything.


By opening your heart, you open yourself up for love which is all around you. You can experience unconditional love, for yourself as well as for others. You open up to trust and allow new experiences. This makes special relationships possible. Relationships are the most important thing in our life. Having good relationships, we feel accepted, approved and loved. Functioning relationships are a solid foundation for effortless success, because by having them we experience support on all levels.


How to open your heart?

Pic from Okan Caliksan on Pixabay
Pic from Okan Caliksan on Pixabay

Open your heart meditation

1. Read the following before you start doing it. You can also record it and follow your own voice or ask someone to guide you through.


2. Sit down comfortably but straight. Both feed next to each other flat on the ground, hands resting in your lap or arms next to your body.


3. Concentrate on the natural rhythm of your breath.


4. After that concentrate on your heart. Can you hear it beat in your chest? Maybe, you can even hear it.


5. Breathe a few times into your heart.


6. Imagine your heart as a beautiful bud. Which flower is it? What’s the colour?


7. Now, imagine how golden light streams from above and enters your body at the highest point of your head and spreads all through your body. Breathe the golden light into your heart and feel how your bud opens into a beautiful blossom flooded by light and love.


Open your heart all over again. Train it like you would train a muscle. You don’t go the gym once expecting to be and stay fit for the rest of your life. I know, it’s a pity ;-)


Heart wishes and a passion


With an open heart we can recognise our heart wishes and become aware which passion we carry in our heart. Those are wonderful signs to show us the way and our goals.



The following questions can help you to figure out your heart wishes and your passion:

  • What makes me happy and makes me all fuzzy?
  • What do I love doing?
  • What makes my heart sing?
  • What feels light and easy?
  • What makes me want to jump out of bed and get going in the morning?
  • What did I always want to do?
  • What did I want to be and/or become as a child?
  • If I only had one wish free, what would I wish for? And guys, the one wish for all your other wishes to become true is not an alternative.
  • What makes me feel strong?
  • Who or what robs me of my energy; or pulls me down?


Think about your heart wishes and your passion and add them to your wish board, which you have already started.


Attention: Careful with the all-consuming passion it only brings you sorrow. It might be more of an obsession than a passion


My Tip:

Keep your fingers off everything that feels heavy and wrong, because it is usually wrong.

Grab what feels light, good and right, because it is usually right.


By the way you can also open your heart by simply deciding to do so.


Finally, take one of your 13 wishes written on pieces of paper and folded and burn it while asking the universe to take care of it.


Enjoy this magical time of the year and be well.






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