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Ninth rough night

2nd January – September

Sibylle Chaudhuri

2nd January 2022


The old and the new

Picture by Sibylle Chaudhuri
Picture by Sibylle Chaudhuri

The ninth rough night is aligned with September. The month between summer and autumn. There are still warm days ahead but also cool days start showing up already. The days not being long anymore but also not very short. It is a time of transition, an in-between time, just the same as is the time at the beginning of the year for our soul.


The beginning of the year wants us to direct your attention more and more outwards again and to look ahead. However, energetically we are still in winter and the old year is in post-pulse oscillation. Those transition times are times to pause and to re-connect with our inner middle and to listen to our gut feeling.


Our soul still oscillates between the old and the New Year. She needs some time and peace to tune into the energy of the new time, the new beginning.


Patience and gratitude can help you to ease into the farewell and to take on the new.


Be patient with yourself

When you have decided to fulfill your dream, a wish, an idea; when we have set a goal, you cannot just start running immediately and implement everything at once. This would be blind activism. You need to orientate yourself to know where you currently stand, make a plan, then you start your journey towards your goal.


Be patient with yourself. If you put yourself under pressure and create stress, frenzy, and panic, there is no joy, no ease and it just feels wrong. This way you will not be able to keep up and will give up easily. Strength is to be found in serenity. 


Everything takes its time to grow and mature. Sometimes, we even need to take a step back or aside to get a better look at our project, or to view it from a different angle, to be able to choose the right pass. Falling and getting up again is also part of the growth process.


Pause now and then, take a rest, and breathe deeply.



Visualise your goal again and again as if you have achieved it already and make it as vivid as possible. Use all your senses to do so.


Gratitude is the right attitude

Picture from Oberholster Venita on Pixabay
Picture from Oberholster Venita on Pixabay

September, like August, is a month of wealth. It is harvest season, it is time of Thanksgiving and we bless mother earth.


Gratitude: by concentrating on what we already have and what we are grateful for, we can move from a feeling of deficiency to one of abundance, it takes us into the moment – we increase our energy levels and reduce stress.



#1 Write everything down what you are grateful for. Often, it’s the little things we take for granted e.g., clean cold and hot water, a warm and dry home, enough to eat and drink, our family and friends, etc. Put your list where you can see it, read it and add to it. Even better, take 5 minutes every day to write down what you are grateful for. 


#2 Go out into nature as often as possible and concentrate on everything that’s green, breathe deeply in and out, slow down and be well,






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