6th rough night for your stress-less life

30th December – June

Leave your shadows behind you

Sibylle Chaudhuri

29th December 2022


Picture from David Mark on Pixabay
Picture from David Mark on Pixabay

Half time, the sixth of the twelve rough nights. We are midyear, June. Spring becomes summer, days are getting longer, nights shorter. Approaching apotheosis, we celebrate summer solstice in June the counterpart of winter solstice. It is another threshold in time, marking the transition from light to dark. The Shadows are growing longer, and we start to deal with our own shadows, our dark sides, we all have and carry with us. The dark creates fear in us because it holds the unknown. What we don’t know makes us anxious. The imminent turn of year and the New Year with all its uncertainties gives us the feeling not to be in control anymore, which again triggers fears in us.


Leave your shadows behind you


In the sixth rough night we are dealing with our shadows. We all have shadows following us. They are our above-mentioned fears just as regret, remorse, shame, guilt, grudge, frustration, anger, hate, blame, mourning, etc. It is about our deepest core, our emotions.


Your emotions become your shadows when you ignore them, push them away, try to cover them up and distract yourself again and again. This works wonderfully by watching TV, eating, drinking, working and being busy 24/7, or even worse, drug abuse. In case you are good at that you know that your emotions come back time and again, every time more intensive.


Your emotions have a message for you. Try to let them rise to the surface, allow all your emotions to be there. Acknowledge, accept, and scrutinise them. Try to understand your emotions and what they want to tell you. In doing so, you can let go of the past and release blockages. Thus, your emotion has done its job and you can let them go as well. The dark clouds will clear away, and the light can shine through again. You can turn towards the light and all shadows will fall behind you.


Forgiveness again

Forgiveness is also the theme of this rough night. It is important to deal with your dark side and for your relationships – including the one with yourself.


Remember? We already talked about forgiveness at the 4. Rough night 2 days ago.


Ask yourself again, who or what needs forgiveness. 


Rituals to transform your shadows into light

The following rituals can also help you to turn your shadows into light.


#1 Connect with your family members (alive or deceased) and bless them.


Close your eyes and concentrate on our family member you want to bless.

Send them good wishes, love, and light.

Then say the following silently or out loud, “I bless you, (name of the family member).”


#2 Ask for your blessing

Ask your ancestors, your guardian angel, the universe for your blessing and thank them for it.


Making assurance double sure

Picture from Traumland-de on Pixabay
Picture from Traumland-de on Pixabay

The following rituals can be powerful this rough night.


#1 Clean your home and office.


#2 Smoke cleaning your home and office.


#3Take a salt bath and when you rinse the salt off, imagine you rinse off all negative energies as well.


Remember to burn the next of your 13 wishes.


Enjoy the peace and quiet and be well.






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