Second rough night for effortless success in 2021

Connection with your higher self, your inner voice or your inner guidance

Sibylle Chaudhuri

25th December 2020

In case you are new to the rough nights blog

The 12 rough nights between 25th December and 6th of January are 

energetically assigned to the twelve months of the New Year. Some believe that every single rough night can predict the events of the respective month. This is why the rough nights are also called “toss-up nights” (toss-up = predict).


Those nights between the years hold a certain magic, a special energy that can support you in finding out, what your wishes, dreams, desires are. What is your calling? What is it that you really want? Ones you have figured it out, it will make your success effortless because you are going to have a passion for what you do. And if you don’t believe in magic, you can still use this quiet time of the year and work with me, step by step towards your success.


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Connection with your higher self, your inner voice or your inner guidance

Pic from Okan Caliksan on Pixabay
Pic from Okan Caliksan on Pixabay

Remember to think less and feel more. Open up, become still, listen into yourself, and listen to your heart. This is the key to your inner guidance.


This is what the second rough night is all about; to calm down, get in contact with your emotions, needs, wishes and dreams again, your inner guidance. Be patient with yourself, you can do it, trust yourself. The rough nights are a time of peace and retrospective, the time of reflection, as well as to preview and predict the New Year. Give it a try.


This rough night symbolises the month of February. We are approaching spring and the days getting longer. Some traditions are celebrating this in February, e.g. the Christian church with the Candlemas or Imbolic in the Celtic tradition. 


You have sown the seeds to your success with the work you have already done on 21st and 24th December. Just like the seeds are waiting in the fields to come out and grow stronger, so is your success. Trust that it will be so. The farmers are not digging up their seeds to see whether they are growing or not, they trust and know it will take its course and continue nurturing them. 


Now, it is up to you to learn to trust your inner knowledge, your inner guidance, your higher self. In doing so, you will learn to make the right decisions, to know and trust your strengths and abilities. Know your self-worth and be confident in what you are doing.


The following questions can help you to develop this ability:
  • What does the silence want to tell me?
  • What does it meant to me to be in balance and to be content?
  • Which questions do I want answers for?
  • What is left to let go, or to forgive?
  • What are my emotions telling me? (What needs want to be fulfilled? Be nicer to myself, have compassion with myself, accept and love myself the way I am, etc.)
  • Which sensations do I notice when I listen into my body?
  • What does my body want to tell me? (maybe I need to rest a little bit more, take it easy, do more exercises, eat healthier, etc.)
  • Who and what will support me in the new year? Which resources do I have? (It is not always important to know how but to know who to ask for help. Familiy, friends, nature, spirit animals, etc.) 


Your rituals for the second rough night

Pic from Kathy Büscher on Pixabay
Pic from Kathy Büscher on Pixabay

#1 Meditation


#2 Visualisation: visualise your perfect day: Where are you? What do you do? Who is with you? What do you hear, see, feel, smell, etc.? Make it as vivid as possible. Write it down. Make a vision board. Find a symbol for this perfekt day and place it somewhere you can see it. 


#3 Become still and concentrate on your heartbeat, slow down your breathing. When you are calm, concentrate on what it is that you want to create next year. Then ask, “What is going to be my spirit animal to help me to create my success?” The first animal that comes into your mind is your power animal. Do not doubt it. Research on the internet what this spirit or power animal stands for and see if it seems right.


Tomorrow we will discuss your new beginning, your departure.


Until then be well.







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