Rough night #5 for your stress-less life

29th December – May

Friendship and self-love

Sibylle Chaudhuri

28th December 2022


Picture by Gennaro Leonardi, iqbal nuril anwar, mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The fifth stage of your journey together through the rough nights for your stress-less life takes your energetically into the merry month of May. May is the embodiment of spring, when nature flourishes, when it finally gets warmer, and the sun draws the humans and animals out into the open.


The month of May as well as the fifth rough night are dedicated to the topics of friendship and love, but most of all the friendship and love for ourselves. When we come to terms with ourselves, and when we accept, respect, and love ourselves the way we are, others will do so as well. And it is the same with trust, when we trust ourselves and our skills and talents, others will do too.


We usually experience criticism, rejection, and judgement because we do this to ourselves. We are mean to us, we beat ourselves up over nothing, do not like our body, and compare ourselves constantly with others. We then decide that we are not intelligent, slim, beautiful, young, successful enough, etc. Even the strongest person cannot stand this without suffering damages. It is just stressful. There is no balance and resilience in sight.



Picture by Gerd Altman from Pixabay
Picture by Gerd Altman from Pixabay

It is never too late to learn to love yourself. As so often in life, the first step is simply to have the will and to decide to do so. However, at the beginning “I love myself the way I am,” might be a bit much for the most of us.


A good start is to become aware whenever you are being mean to yourself, when you compare yourself with others, and when something just does not feel right? Then, question your upcoming thoughts. Really? Is this true? Why doesn’t it feel right? Take good care of yourself and your needs.


Your tasks for today

#1 Go out into nature and go for a walk all by yourself and enjoy nature.


#2 Make a list of everything you have already achieved in your life.


#3 Pamper yourself a little bit and enjoy it to the full.


Picture by Traumland-de from Pixabay
Picture by Traumland-de from Pixabay



Plus, one more exercise …


Get in front of your mirror, look into your eyes (at least for 30 seconds), if you can manage to do so, smile at yourself, and tell yourself, “You are worthy.” And believe it with all your heart.


Bild von John Hain auf Pixabay
Bild von John Hain auf Pixabay


... and NOW ...


Give yourself your own compassion, be patient with yourself, treat yourself lovingly. Say “yes” to yourself. Give yourself unconditional love.


Be well.





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