5th rough night for effortless success 2021

29th December – May

Friendship and self-love

Sibylle Chaudhuri

28th December 2020


Picture from Gennaro Leonardi, iqbal nuril anwar, mohamed Hassan on Pixabay

The fifth stage of your journey through the rough nights takes us energetically to the merry month of May, the embodiment of spring. When nature flourishes and it gets warm enough for the farmers to bring the cattle out to feed on the meadows. Most of us connect Mai with the hope of sun and warmth.


The month of May as well as the fifth rough night are dedicated to the topics of friendship and love, most of all the love for yourself. When you are your own best friend, always have your own back, when you come to terms with yourself, accept, respect and love yourself the way you are, you can build strong and special relationship with others. 


When you accept, respect and love yourself, others will do so too. We usually experience criticism, rejection and judgement because we do this to ourself.


Very often we are mean to us, we beat ourself up over nothing, do not like our body, compare ourself constantly with others only to decide that we are not intelligent, slim, beautiful, young, successful enough.



Picture from Gerd Altman on Pixabay
Picture from Gerd Altman on Pixabay

It is never too late to learn to love yourself, we all can do so when we want to do so. It is never too late to forgive yourself. It is never too late to forgive others and we can always rekindle our friendship with others and build new friendships.


Let's start with ...

Todays’ questions

  • Who do I like to be with?
  • Who would I like to spend more time with?
  • With whom do I have no chemistry?
  • Am I able to change something about it and do I want to do so? If yes, what could it be?
  • Which relationship do I want to improve?
  • Which relationship do I want to end? No resentment, I wish them well and let go of them.
  • Why do I like spend time with my friends? 
  • What do I love about my friends?
  • What do others appreciate about me and my company?
  • What am I good at?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What do I like about me, my body, my character, my behaviour?
  • What is really important in my life?
  • What am I proud of?
  • What Do I want to forgive myself for? Maybe for being too hard on myself?
  • Which compliment can I give myself today?
  • What have I achieved this year?
  • Which mistakes did you make and what did I learn from it?
  • What made you angry and/or sad and why?
  • What made you happy and why?


... and some ...



#1 Talk to the people in your life who mean something to you and tell them what it is.

#2 Go out into nature and go for a walk all by yourself.


Picture from Traumland-de on Pixabay
Picture from Traumland-de on Pixabay


... and an ...




Get in front of your mirror, look into your eyes (at least for 30 seconds), if you can manage to do so, smile at yourself and tell yourself, “You are worthy.” And meant it.









Bild von John Hain auf Pixabay
Bild von John Hain auf Pixabay


... and NOW ...


Give yourself your own compassion, be patient with yourself, treat yourself lovingly. Say “yes” to yourself. Give yourself unconditional love.



Be well.







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