12 rough nights for effortless success in 2021

Preparation – customs and myths

Sibylle Chaudhuri

22nd December 2020


Picture of Vasilijus Bortnikas from Piyabay
Picture of Vasilijus Bortnikas from Piyabay

Today I am going to give you some tips how to prepare for the rough nights – the time between Christmas Eve and Epiphany – so everything will run smoothly with your success in 2021. Of course, you can also do the following during the rough nights. And I will tell you some of the customs and myths surrounding the rough nights.


First things come first. Business before pleasure. Let’s prepare for the rough nights, but only if you can squeeze it into your X-Mas preparations, no sweat.



Smoke cleansing with dried herbs

Cleansing your house or flat with smoke is a powerful ritual you can use to prepare and during the rough nights. It cleanses, meshes and energises your home. You eliminate negative energies and create a wonderful basis for your new start.


You could use some of the following herbs:

  • frankincense – for blessing and increased energy
  • myrrh – fumigates, cleanses and gives you peace
  • juniper – destroys negative energies
  • sage – has strong cleansing power


You can also use lavender or sandalwood incense sticks to eliminate negative energies. 


Tidy up and clean

Tidying up and cleaning your house or flat and your office is an important task ahead of and during the rough nights is an important task. It helps you to transform chaos into order and clearity on the outside as well as on the inside. Bad luck has no place anymore, moves out and makes space and opportunity for good luck.


Attention: Do not declutter or clear out anything. It brings bad luck. You can make a list of everything that has to go and take care of it after the rough nights.




It is said that the rough nights are full of magic. In case you want to use it to you’re your life a different direction, you need to become still. Meditation is a great way to do so. Every day take 5 – 10 minutes – best to set your alarm clock – and just sit until the alarm goes off. Become still and listen inside you. Just relax and allow yourself to do so. Before you start meditating decide that those 5-10 minutes of stillness are the most important thing right in that moment.


What else to take care of

  • Repay your debts
  • Return borrowed things
  • Take care of unfinished business
  • Clean up and update the contacts on your phone
  • Clean up the hard drive of your computer


Customs and myths

Extraordinary energy and magical power

The rough nights are a time of great magic power. They are some kind of in-between time, 12 nights added between the years to match the moon and the sun calendar. They carry special energy similar to the twilight, neither night nor day. Summer and winter solstice are in-between times as well.


The rough nights are not only kind of added in-between time but also the longest in-between time which additionally takes place at the time of winter solstice … and who knows what the twilight of those rough nights holds ready for you?


Rumour has it that during those in-between times the doors to the other world are wide open. This enabling us to contact our ancestors and also all of the angels, fairies, and all beings of light and even gods. We can access their wisdom and knowledge and use it to create our destiny.


Picture of Stefan Keller from Piyabay
Picture of Stefan Keller from Piyabay

The Wild Hunt and other demons

Odin-Wodan and mother Hulda are leading the wild hunt of the witches. They ride their brooms through the skies of the rough nights. This is where the tradition arises from to build or buy a new broom during the rough nights.


The Wild Hunt makes all sorts of trouble during the rough nights. They create storms while chasing through the skies. Word has it not to hang white washings outside during the rough nights because the Wild Hunt and other demons could get caught in it. Even worse, Odin might take one piece of cloth with him and use it as your own shroud in the future.


And there are other demons and forces being up to no good. They can get stuck on disorder and refuse. Therefore, once more my advice to tidy up and clean your home and office.


They steal our animals. Best smoke clean and guard your stables and barns.


We are well advised to soothe those evil spirits. We can immolate food by putting it in front of our doors or underneath fruit trees in the garden. This is also supposed to help the trees to bear more fruit next year.


We can keep the demons at bay with smoke cleaning and small controlled fires in the garden, and lighting candles in the house and putting them in the windows.


In the past regular tolling of bells between dusk and midnight mass was used as protection from evil witches and spirits.


Firework on New Year’s Eve also chases off evil spirits.


Other legends und myths

The rough nights are also said to be a happy, jolly and abundant time. In order to spend the New Year in abundance and happiness we give each other presents.


The decorated Christmas tree is a fertility symbol. Already our ancestors brought a Christmas tree into the house and decorated it with apples, nuts, ginger bread, gold and candles.


Best not to fight and slam doors during the rough nights. To surround us with positive spirits and beings of light it is important to create this time peaceful, calm and contemplative.


Children born in one of the rough nights are said to have paranormal abilities like being clairvoyant or being able to communicate with the souls of the deceased. In western Europe they are said to have good luck in life and to bring good luck to others.


According to the celts and Germanic tribes we walk in silence to a road junction during the rough nights and let the atmosphere sink in and listen to signs of nature. This way we can gain insights and clues for the New Year.


Pouring lead can help us to tell the fortunes for the new year.


What you believe in and what not is up to you. I definitely wish you happiness, good health and success here and now, and in the future.


I am sending you love and light.







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