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Sibylle Chaudhuri

23rd December 2020



Christmas Eve is a very special day in the year. It is even said, that in the night of Christmas Eve animals can talk to us. All rituals and oracles connected to good luck and money are especially effective this night.


Although, the first official one of the rough nights is only starting midnight of the 24th December, Christmas Eve is particularly magical and portentous for your plans for the future – your successful future.


Success of course, is something very subjective and no one’s success is measurable by others or comparable to other people’s success. For some success is to have the most beautiful garden in the neighbourhood, for others it is to be the best parent possible. One person sees success as being able to help as many people to be happy as possible, and for another person success is having their own café or participating in the organization of an enterprise, etc. Hence, never allow another person to tell you what success is and what not – you decide.


Christmas Eve is THE day for your positive review of the year. Of course, we can hope for Christmas Eve bringing us good luck through rituals and oracles. I personally am for using the magic and power of this special day to create your own luck. To get this started we are going to review the year with gratitude.


Grateful review of the year

Gratitude puts us into a positive prevailing mood. By letting our subconscious know, how much there really is that we are grateful for, it starts looking for even more positive things in our life. Our amygdala receives the signal that everything is okay, and we are safe and sound and increases the happy hormones in our body. We are feeling great and will see even more positive things in our life etc. etc. etc. This again results in us becoming more courageous and proactive. We start painting our future in the most beautiful colours. Those visualisations allow us to look confidently into the future, and to focus on our wishes and goals. The perfect start to create our successful future.


The following question can help you to review the year in gratitude:

  • What was good this year?
  • What made me happy?
  • What am I grateful for? Only a few examples: family, friends, a roof over your head, enough to eat, clean water, living in safety and peace, etc.
  • What did I achieve?
  • What did I finish?
  • What was I good at this year?
  • What was I allowed to learn?
  • Who accompanied me through the year?
  • What was I allowed to enjoy?


Christmas Eve is once more a perfect day to clean and smoke clean your flat, office, garden, etc.


Alright, 24th December, 00:00 hrs, the rough nights start. Remember to note your dreams first thing in the morning.


Tomorrow, you will get the tips, targets and rituals for your first rough night to a great future.


Be well.







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