12 rough nights for your stress-less life

Positive review of the year

Sibylle Chaudhuri

23rd December 2022


Image by Sibylle Chaudhuri
Image by Sibylle Chaudhuri

Although, the first official rough night only starts at midnight of the 24th December, Christmas Eve is deemed to be particularly magical. It is even said, that in the night of Christmas Eve the animals can talk to us. As legend has it, all rituals and oracles connected to good luck and money are especially effective this night.


Why not use the magic and power of this special day to create your own luck. To get this started you can use the ritual of reviewing the year in a positive way. What a brilliant way to reduce stress.


Review your year with gratitude

Images by Sibylle Chaudhuri


Gratitude puts you into a positive prevailing mood. By letting your subconscious know, how much there really is that you are grateful for, it starts looking for even more positive things in your life. Thus, you reduce stress and be happier, increase your self-worth, your energy levels, and your resilience.


Just write everything down that went well this last year, what made you happy, what you achieved, what you are proud of, what you were good at, what you enjoyed, etc.


Christmas Eve is once more a good day to clean and smoke clean your home, office, garden, etc.


Alright, 24th December, 00:00 hrs, the rough nights start. Remember to note your dreams first thing in the morning.


Tomorrow, you will get the tips, targets and rituals for your first rough night for your best self.


Until then, be well.






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