10th rough night for effortless success in 2021

3rd January– October

Finding equilibrium and peace

Sibylle Chaudhuri

2nd January 2021


Present yourself in all your facets

Picture from Thomas Hendele on Pixabay
Picture from Thomas Hendele on Pixabay

The tenth rough night is energetically connected with the month of October. October represents equation. Nature shows itself in all facets of its being, it presents itself in a blaze of colour and gifts us with aplenty of fruit. The sunlight is still comfortably warm and pleases the eye. The whole atmosphere is very pleasant. Even though the nights are slowly getting longer, night and day are about the same length.


It is about time, to show ourself in all our facets as well; to allow ourselves to be our true self and to follow our heart, our higher self. Here as well it necessitates a balanced approach. On the one hand we need to set our intellect aside time and again to listen inside us, to listen what our heart and our gut have to tell us. It is about allowing ourselves our true spiritual potential and let it unfold completely and beautifully. It supports our mind to gain insights, to set creative impulses and find solutions. On the other hand, we need the capability for our heart and mind to cooperate in order to make clear decisions about which way to take, without falling for pseudo-harmonies, false compromises and illusions.



At least three times a day listen into yourself. You could do it in the morning after waking up, in the evening before you go to sleep and once in-between.


  1. Sit down, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath to calm down.
  2. Concentrate on your heart and your stomach.
  3. What does it feel like? Which sensations can you feel? Is it tense or relaxed? Is there a pressure or tingling? Warm or cold? Etc.
  4. Which emotions are coming up and what do they want to tell you?


Equilibrium through encounter

Picture from Valentina Münzer on Pixabay
Picture from Valentina Münzer on Pixabay

In order to be able to present ourselves in all our facets and to use them for your success, we need to see and acknowledge them. Therefore, we need our environment, the encounter with others holding a mirror up in front of us to enable us to take a good look at ourselves. This way we can capture ourselves completely and recognize what we accept about us and what we still recline. Only then, we can work on us. We can make peace and become balanced.


Meeting others we are usually compassionate and forgiving. We accept, understand and forgive mistakes and missed changes of others. Unfortunately, we are less empathic with ourselves. We have unreachable high expectations towards us. In case something does not go according to our expectations our inner critic is harsh on us and punishes us having no mercy.



#1 Pay attention how you talk to yourself.

#2 Give yourself your own compassion, understanding and love.

#3 Take good care of yourself and make sure to fulfill your own needs, not only the needs of others.


In September we often think back to the warm and long days in summer. Our thoughts are often nostalgic, melancholic or might even be rueful. In October we can slowly accept the fact that the days are getting shorter and cooler and carry the beautiful summer days in our hearts. The tenth rough night and the month of October prompt us to use this concept to make peace.


Make peace with yourself and your past

Picture from Gerd Altman on Pixabay
Picture from Gerd Altman on Pixabay

The past has gone by, it is what it is. We cannot bring it back, we cannot change it, but we can learn from it and use it as our resource.


Your past with all its events and experiences, even though you might have perceived them as negative or do so today, have made you what you are today. You always did what you could do at any given moment with all your experience, knowledge and current perception.



Make peace with your past by trusting that everything happened for a reason, that there is no good or bad, right or wrong. Everything is just the way it is and all is well. It is the learning process of your soul. Trust that everything takes it course and that you have all you need inside of you to solve your tasks and challenges.


To make peace with yourself it is helpful to strengthen your self-worth.



Take 10 minutes every evening and write a journal or diary.


Answer the following questions:

  • What was good today? What good happened to me today?
  • What did I achieve today?
  • What made me happy today?
  • What did I manage today?
  • Who did I make happy today by smiling at them, making a compliment, or only by listening to them?


By treating ourselves lovingly and understandingly we can treat others the same way. By acknowledging our own strengths and values, we can see them in others too. We are able to build strong and close friendships with others.


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